About Clayton Hall

Clayton Hall is a Grade II* listed building and is a rare example of a medieval moted site.

There has been a house on the site of Clayton Hall since the 12th century and the mound on which the Hall is built is a scheduled ancient monument — a protected and nationally important archaeological site.

Originally built for the Clayton family, Clayton Hall has seen many different owners including the Byrons and the Chethams, with Humphrey Chetham being one of Clayton Hall’s most notable owners.

The existing building has Georgian and Tudor sections which are from the remaining western wing of a once larger house.

Mysterious marks at Clayton Hall…

Witch marks — or apotropaic marks — have very little to do with witches or witchcraft. Created by the people who built Clayton Hall over 500 years ago, these markings are believed to have turned away evil, providing protection to the building and those who lived or worked within it. There are dozens of these at Clayton Hall — how many can you find?

Clayton Hall’s lost barns

Clayton was once the beating heart of industrial Manchester. Everywhere you look you can see traces of it to this day — but it wasn’t always like this.

Discover Clayton Hall’s links to Clayton’s agricultural past.

Clayton Hall and the Tudor Home: The Chimney

What did the Tudors do for us?

We take a look at Clayton Hall’s chimneys and look at how this Tudor invention revolutionised the home.

Clayton Hall & Park’s Coronation Celebration

On Monday 8th May 2023, Clayton Hall & Park hosted a special Coronation Celebration to mark the Coronation of Charles III.

We even had a visit from our Lord Mayor, Cllr Donna Ludford, and her Consort, Cllr Sean McHale!

Clayton Hall (c. 1910 and 2022)